Buying The New House

Early this morning i went to Batu Berendam Melaka accompany by 2 of my senior friends . In mind i just want to survey the New housing project. Actually, i am planning to buy a new house 2 years ago. Unfortunately i do not meet the housing project that can fulfill my requirement in terms of location and the design itself... i like to buy a Terace House or Semi D Type because in case i have to transfer to another place i can rent that house easily to other rental. So when we arrived there i spent almost 30 minute to take a look at all the sample house. It's very interesting and modern design .. The price offered by the developer also cheap .. and one more thing about the houses .. i really like the location .. near to the school .. bank . and oil station ...near to Batu Berendam Airport.
Because of that reason so i was booked one Semi D type cost RM 160.000.00 ... I hope my new house can be finished quicker than as scheduled.

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