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Adobe Photoshop Tricks

Can using text on Photoshop harm you?

Yes, man! And it can make you lose lot of time when there are superscript and subscript, letter-spacing, line-spacing, etc.

I usally spend one hour at day using Photoshop. Sometimes to fix bad photos, sometimes to create posters, but I also fought against text and it often won.

Now I want to show you some simple tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts to simplify your works with text on Photoshop.

First of all select the Default Workspace of Photoshop (I use the CS3 Version)

Default Workspace

Now you are sure to have the text Character & Paragraph tab on the right.

Quickly Preview Your Text With Different Fonts


Select the Type layer in the Layers palette, click on the font selection option in the Options Bar at the top of the screen, then use your Up or Down arrow keys to change font.
Letter Spacing

Letter Spacing could reminds you of the CSS property and here works in the same way: it sets the space bewteen letters.
If you want to change it in an entire text level open the Characther, select the letter-spacing area and set it.


You can also do this for a limited number of letters, just select the desired letters.
Keyboard Shortcut

Select the desired text and then “Ctrl+Alt” (Windows) or “Command+Option” (Mac) and use the Up and Down arrow keys to adjust linespacing by 10 points of default.
Line Spacing

This property is called “line-height” on CSS and it sets the space bewteen lines.
If you want to change it in an entire text level open the Characther, select the line-spacing area and set it.


You can also do this for a limited number of line, just select the desired line.
Keyboard Shortcut

Select the desired text and then “Alt” (Windows) or “Option” (Mac) and use the Up and Down arrow keys to adjust linespacing by 2 points of default.
Superscript Text

Keyboard Shortcut

Highlight the text and hold “Ctrl+Shift++” (Windows) / “Command+Shift++” (Mac)
Subscript Text

Keyboard Shortcut

Highlight the text and hold “Ctrl+Shift+Alt++” (Windows) / “Command+Shift+Option++” (Mac)
Convert Text To All Caps

Keyboard Shortcut

Highlight the text and hold “Ctrl+Shift+K” (Windows) / “Command+Shift+K” (Mac)
Convert Text To Small Caps

Keyboard Shortcut

Highlight the text and hold “Ctrl+Shift+H” (Windows) / “Command+Shift+H” (Mac)
Apply A Fake Bold Aspect


I often have to go up against some font designers ’cause they don’t include the bold style to their font.
With Photoshop you can fix this problem (in part))
Keyboard Shortcut

Highlight the text and hold “Ctrl+Shift+B” (Windows) / “Command+Shift+B” (Mac) to make text bold.
Apply A Fake Italic Aspect


The same goes for the italic style.
Keyboard Shortcut

Highlight the text and hold “Ctrl+Shift+I” (Windows) / “Command+Shift+I” (Mac) for italics.
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3 days at Camp Saujana Asahan Melaka

Early last week i was ask by my Director to replace him to attend a team building course conducted by Jasin District office. The course took place at Saujana Asahan Camp which is located near the Gunung Ledang. At the first time i was thinking that it should be a boring courses because as i knew that place doesn't have any interesting thing that we can found there ..
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Blogging to unblock

Sunday ... 11 October 2009 .... In the evening i went to the Melaka Raya to meet my new friend...her name was .... im sorry i can't reveal her name here because i don't wanna anyone know who i was meet. Actually ... we are planing to meet at Continental Restaurant which is i think it was a familiar restaurant in Melaka Raya ...unfortunately it was closed ... so we decide to meet at coffee house .. mm i didnt remember the fullname ... so in ther coffe house ..we choose to sit inside the shop ..jus to hav little bit privacy ..
:) . and then i hav ordered the fried rice ... and coffee ice ... .. and she only take ice lemon tea .. we take more than 30 minute .. talking what ever topic that cross in mind that time beside take the oppourtunity to know each other ... .. so after leave the coffee house .. i had decided to go to Popular bookshops located at the 2nd floor jaya jusco building to buy Arahan Perbendaharaan and Perintah Am books ... i want to buy this books because i want to make some preparation to sit PTK3 examination which is scheduled on 21 - 29 october 2009 ... Once again ..i was bad luck because the books which im looking for was out of stock .. so since i was there i took the oppourtunity to observe the new books in that shop ... and my eyes lock at one books title Blogging written by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad ...in my opinion .. this book was so nice .. n so simple ... Tun decide to produce this book as an alternative for his blog visitors ... as he knew that too many visitors trying to access his blog ... so he take this big opportunities to produce this books .... when i start reading a few topics in this books .. actually all content .. all topics ..al letter is quite same with what Tun written in his blog. .. ..so right now peoples hav two option to get his comment .. to get what the updated about Tun and many-many more articles writen by him .... Generally ... for me this books was so gud and easy to understand .. simple english ...used by Tun
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Are our leadear create the right platform for our youths ?

Assalamualaikum wrt.wbt...

Hello guys ..... this morning i was thinking to write my expression on school leaver youths.... its is regarding to an issue .. n for me this issue is very-very critical to discuss so that we together can find the best solution to help them especially malays . The issue i wan to bring up here was to many muslims youths that i meet still cannot read the even Doa Qunut, Doa Inftitah .. and many more that required in solat ... so when we look at this situation, we have so many questions here. ... Are these student never learn how to pray during the primary and secondary schools ? .. are their parent never teach them how to pray or maybe their parent also never force them to pray ? ... May be the ustaz or ustazah had teach them .. but why they still cannot pray correctly ? ..do they teach the student just to fulfill the syllabus requirement regardless student understand or not especially in how to practice what they have learned. mm so i don't wanna to explain in detail anymore about this .. i let u guys out there to think it .. n come out with your own reason and solutions. .... gud luck guy's
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Im Coming

hmmm .. i think that almost 2 month i did not post any comment or article here .. Sometimes a lot of negative thinking crossed my head which said that this blogspot was so boring .. .. with simple layout which is not interesting ... and can only support limited function ...for me .. i want more .. we can put anyting here... like upload and upload funtion so that we can share certain files easily with frens and the other readers .... easy to put, arrange pic .. and maybe to arrange our layout content easily ...

A few days ago.. i had made a lot of reading and searching in the internet .. n i saw a lot of third party function , more interesting layout design that we can add into the blogspot. So i took a few of the funcion that i had recovered in the internet to redesign my blogsport so that its looking more interesting to me and to the others generally ........With these new function .. im trying to write more information, articles and maybe some notes which is relate to the subject that i teach in ITI and make my blog as a place for my students to get latest information.....

I believed that with this new improvement ,, i can use this blog to help my student in achieving good result in the education ...beside helping me to note down my ideas for the other readears...

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uh.... its meaningless weekend

8 August 2009 ... last nite ..i slept very late .. around 3 a.m i think .... but this morning . i b able to wake up in the early moning ...after finished the prayer subuh .. i take extra rest to recover my energy that lost due to late sleep last nite. Around 9.00 .. ..im watching television just to get some news what had happened today .. and around 9.00 a.m ..i start my car engine ... n drove to my office ... not for work .. but jus to monitor my staff conduct the customised Autocadd Courses for CUBIC Staff.. Alhamdulillah . .when i reach there . the courses was started as scheduled...

I spent around 30 minute together with the participants and also giv my hand to help my staff giving coaching ... after that i went to Melacca Central to buy a ticket for my chat frens .. She is planned to come to Melacca tommorow morning to meet her daughter who is studying in MMU... To avoid any difficulties and worrying cannot get the ticket if she wait to buy the ticket when she come here .. she ask my favour to buy the ticket in advance...

Alhamdulillah . with RM 55 .. i got a ticket to Alor Star for journey on 10 August 2009 at 9.30 pm... The price of the ticket so higher because this is Super VVIP Class as request by my fren... The bus only having 30 seates ...double seats in one side and the other side is single seaters .. so comfort for the long journey i think . but what ever .. we will see the real bus condition on that nite
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Train the Trainer

Last week i spent the whole week to teach my staff how to use adobe photoshop software n some of the killer tips in editing picture. .... so this week i will continue my teaching ....but not for adobe photoshop anymore. .. this week comes to more interesting software ..called Macromedia Flash ... actually .. i ain't use this software for.. i think more than 5 yers ... so i might not b able to teach them well . but im tryin to do my bes .. gud luck
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Continue My Muscles Excercise

After a few months i do not commit exercise.. I felt that my body is increasingly vulnerable n weak ...It is more difficult for me to carrying out energetic activity, step on stair and i am always feel so sleepy after committing simple exercise. So i think now is the right time for me to start back exercise program that i had abandoned for a few months ago ..........
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Im So Tired

Tuesday .. im feeling so tired now .. to many working papers i have to prepare .. and all i have to submit it by tomorrow morning.. but syukur ...alhamdulillah .. up to time when i write this blog .. i had done 3 important working papers ..already printed and all i need to do tomorow morning is to submit to my boss.... the aim we have to provide that working paper is to request an extra budget to run a few project in year 2010 and year 2o11... n we are really hoped that our proposal can intriguing our headquarters for the approval.
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Buying The New House

Early this morning i went to Batu Berendam Melaka accompany by 2 of my senior friends . In mind i just want to survey the New housing project. Actually, i am planning to buy a new house 2 years ago. Unfortunately i do not meet the housing project that can fulfill my requirement in terms of location and the design itself... i like to buy a Terace House or Semi D Type because in case i have to transfer to another place i can rent that house easily to other rental. So when we arrived there i spent almost 30 minute to take a look at all the sample house. It's very interesting and modern design .. The price offered by the developer also cheap .. and one more thing about the houses .. i really like the location .. near to the school .. bank . and oil station ...near to Batu Berendam Airport.
Because of that reason so i was booked one Semi D type cost RM 160.000.00 ... I hope my new house can be finished quicker than as scheduled.
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Current Political Situation in Perak

Friday , 8.30 pm .. I just finished read a few articles in online newspapers such as Harakahdaily.net, tranunkite.net and Bernama. Almost all of the newspaper wrote the same news regarding the current political situation happening in Negeri Perak. The new Menteri Besar has been appointed by the Barisan Nasional although at the same time there are Current Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin stil valid as Menteri Besar. Datuk Seri Nizar and other state executives councillor from the Pakatan Rakyat is refuse to step down because they want Sultan Perak, Sultan Azlah Shah to consent to the dissolution of the Perak state assembly and further held new state election.
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Seventh Day I Got Fever

Day seventh i got fever ... And this morning, once again i went to see a Doctor to check my health. I was arrived at the hospital around 8.00 am. I think that i am the first one but when i reach in the hospital .there are 6 peoples who arrived earlier than me. That time i am little bit frustrated because i know although only six peoples, i must have to wait for long time to see a Doctor.
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Having Daily Excercise

Today i was started playing badminton with my office mate. Ya ... very long time i did not play badminton. After long time i am unactive, i feel that my stamina became worse . In the first game, it's very tough for me to regain the rhythm. But for the first time play badminton i think it is worth for me ......i am hoping that i can play more game next time ... wish me luck
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Chinese New Year Holiday

Today is Monday , Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year with festive mood. But for me the holiday this time is very boring ... i really don't know where to go and what to do.. Everyday i slept very late and wake up also late he he .. and today i wake up at 6.45 o' clock to do Prayer Subuh and after that i continue sleep because i felt so tired ... I slept untill 10.20 am ... After taking shower ...put my dirty cloth on the fully automatic washing machine ... i turn on my laptop an reading emails that i got .. thats my daily routine during this boring hodiday,,ya .ya yaa
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Visit South of Korea

Pada 18 November 2008 hingga 6 Disember 2008 aku telah pergi ke Korea Selatan bagi menghadiri satu kursus Special IT Program For APEC Country. Kursus ini diadakan di SIVAT.

Korea is very nice n peace country .. ...
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Tour to Langkawi

Ehem.. ehem .. tis pic taken las 2 yers during tour to langkawi ..
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