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Sunday ... 11 October 2009 .... In the evening i went to the Melaka Raya to meet my new friend...her name was .... im sorry i can't reveal her name here because i don't wanna anyone know who i was meet. Actually ... we are planing to meet at Continental Restaurant which is i think it was a familiar restaurant in Melaka Raya ...unfortunately it was closed ... so we decide to meet at coffee house .. mm i didnt remember the fullname ... so in ther coffe house ..we choose to sit inside the shop ..jus to hav little bit privacy ..
:) . and then i hav ordered the fried rice ... and coffee ice ... .. and she only take ice lemon tea .. we take more than 30 minute .. talking what ever topic that cross in mind that time beside take the oppourtunity to know each other ... .. so after leave the coffee house .. i had decided to go to Popular bookshops located at the 2nd floor jaya jusco building to buy Arahan Perbendaharaan and Perintah Am books ... i want to buy this books because i want to make some preparation to sit PTK3 examination which is scheduled on 21 - 29 october 2009 ... Once again ..i was bad luck because the books which im looking for was out of stock .. so since i was there i took the oppourtunity to observe the new books in that shop ... and my eyes lock at one books title Blogging written by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad my opinion .. this book was so nice .. n so simple ... Tun decide to produce this book as an alternative for his blog visitors ... as he knew that too many visitors trying to access his blog ... so he take this big opportunities to produce this books .... when i start reading a few topics in this books .. actually all content .. all topics letter is quite same with what Tun written in his blog. .. right now peoples hav two option to get his comment .. to get what the updated about Tun and many-many more articles writen by him .... Generally ... for me this books was so gud and easy to understand .. simple english ...used by Tun

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