Are our leadear create the right platform for our youths ?

Assalamualaikum wrt.wbt...

Hello guys ..... this morning i was thinking to write my expression on school leaver youths.... its is regarding to an issue .. n for me this issue is very-very critical to discuss so that we together can find the best solution to help them especially malays . The issue i wan to bring up here was to many muslims youths that i meet still cannot read the even Doa Qunut, Doa Inftitah .. and many more that required in solat ... so when we look at this situation, we have so many questions here. ... Are these student never learn how to pray during the primary and secondary schools ? .. are their parent never teach them how to pray or maybe their parent also never force them to pray ? ... May be the ustaz or ustazah had teach them .. but why they still cannot pray correctly ? they teach the student just to fulfill the syllabus requirement regardless student understand or not especially in how to practice what they have learned. mm so i don't wanna to explain in detail anymore about this .. i let u guys out there to think it .. n come out with your own reason and solutions. .... gud luck guy's

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